Warhol's Blotted Line

Warhol’s early illustrations incorporated the use of the blotted line technique giving his drawings an unpredictable and uniquely elegant quality. The blotted line technique is a primitive printing method similar to etching or letterpress in that a plate is repeatedly inked and multiple reproductions are made from it. 

Each inking and impression of the original image produced a unique result, repeatedly. Each print could be colored and have additional drawing done to it providing multiple versions Warhol could present to the client increasing the likelihood he’d be awarded the final commission.

1. A drawing done on, or covered by a non absorbent stock like tracing paper.
2. The drawing is lightly redrawn with a fountain pen on the non absorbent stock.
2. An absorbent piece of paper is pressed onto the redrawn image.
3. The transferred piece will be a mirror image of the original.

The Cat Resembled My Uncle Pierre   1954

The Exotic Calf   1961

Female Fashion Figure   1950s

High Heeled Shoe   1950s

Boot  1955

Christmas Card Design for Tiffany & Co.   1957

Shoe with Stamped Cherries  

New York City Map   1950s

The French Look   1950

Watch   1950s

Fortune   1950s

High Heeled Shoe   1950s